Advanced technologies in retractable gates into the ground: Insight into the technologies and materials used by Fancy Fence to strengthen their products

Retractable garden gates

In today’s world, where technology and innovation are key to success in many industries, the gate design sector is no exception. Architects and designers are looking for advanced technologies that they can integrate with the aesthetics and functionality of their projects. In this context, it’s worth taking a closer look at how Fancy Fence uses the latest technologies in its retractable gates.

Innovations at the heart of Fancy Fence

Fancy Fence is not just an ordinary gate manufacturer. With a continuous drive for innovation, the company constantly introduces advanced technologies that not only enhance safety but also add aesthetic value to their products.

Next-generation materials in gates

Steel, concrete, and other traditional materials have been the foundation of gate design for many years. However, Fancy Fence has gone a step further, integrating diverse materials, such as special reinforced profiles, to ensure maximum safety and durability.

Simulations and tests: The key to excellence

It’s not enough to just apply advanced technologies and materials. To ensure that the gates meet the highest standards, Fancy Fence uses simulations and crash tests, such as those conducted at CTS in Münster, to precisely assess the performance and safety of their products.


In the era of technology and innovation, companies like Fancy Fence lead the way in advanced technologies in retractable gates. For architects and designers who want to be at the forefront of innovation and provide their clients with the highest level of safety and aesthetics, the solutions offered by Fancy Fence are the perfect choice.