Successful tests of anti-terrorist gates

In an era where urban safety becomes a priority, innovations in security gates are key to protecting public spaces. The Polish company Fancy Fence, known for producing high-quality retractable gates, has achieved another milestone in safety.

In April of this year, the newly designed HVM gate by Fancy Fence underwent a rigorous crash test at the renowned CTS testing center in Münster, Germany. The test involved a 7.5-ton truck colliding with the gate at a speed of 50 km/h. The results were impressive: the gate not only stopped the vehicle but also exceeded expectations, achieving a penetration value of -2.8 m, meaning the vehicle was repelled backward.

Jacek Kühnl-Kinel, the creator and owner of Fancy Fence, commented, “Crash tests are a crucial element in the design process of new gates. We wanted to be sure that our HVM gate not only meets but also surpasses international safety standards. The test results at CTS confirmed our expectations and give us confidence that we are heading in the right direction.”

The HVM gate, named after the acronym “Hostile Vehicle Mitigation,” was designed with the aim of providing maximum safety in public places. Its unique construction allows for effective vehicle stopping while maintaining an aesthetic and discreet appearance.

This success in Münster is another step in Fancy Fence’s mission to deliver innovative and safe solutions for cities and public places worldwide.