Exclusive gates and fences. System gates

Exclusive gates

Safe, functional, and reliable solutions in the field of gates and fences set new standards in luxury and innovation. These unique solutions are synonymous with elegance and advanced technology, perfectly fitting the needs of sophisticated architectural projects.

Retractable gates into the ground

  1. Invisibility and elegance: The distinctive feature of these gates is the panel that becomes invisible when retracted into the ground, ensuring exceptional aesthetics and subtlety.
  2. Durability and stability: Each gate, situated in a solid concrete pit, guarantees long-lasting stability and durability.
  3. Modular construction: The system allows for the creation of fences of varying lengths, tailored to specific customer requirements and preferences.

Design customisation. Infinite possibilities

Fancy Fence, a manufacturer of in-ground retractable gates and fences, offers a wide range of materials, from elegant steel posts to modern glass panels and Corten solutions. Every element can be customised to individual preferences, enabling the creation of a unique and personalised fence.

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Reliability is the priority. Electric retractable gates

Low failure rates are a crucial aspect for Fancy Fence system users. Advanced safety solutions, such as dual photocell systems and overload sensors, are standard. The gate’s design ensures safe operation even in the event of a malfunction. The systems are designed to function in extreme weather conditions, resistant to sand, dust, extreme temperatures, and ready for installation on inclined driveways, meeting the highest market demands.

Exclusive gates 01

Easy installation and operation. Anti-burglary gates

The installation of Fancy Fence systems is characterized by simplicity and efficiency. Precise instructions and experienced installation teams ensure trouble-free operation for many years. Fancy Fence gates and fences are not only practical elements of fencing but symbols of modernity, luxury, and innovation. These solutions are perfectly suited to meet the needs of the most prestigious architectural projects. For more information on exclusive solutions, Fancy Fence invites you to contact distributors. See our projects at https://fancyfence.eu/completed-projects/.

Fences and gates retractable into the ground. You must see this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC09KcIlcLUfGUsoLPmEAi6w/videos