Fancy Fence Introduces 3D Gate and Fence Configurator

We are pleased to announce that Fancy Fence has added an innovative 3D configurator for retractable gates and fences to its offering. This modern tool allows our customers to design their dream gates and fences with unprecedented precision and ease.

How does the Fancy Fence 3D Configurator work?

The Fancy Fence 3D Configurator is an interactive tool that allows for real-time customization of gates and fences. Customers can see how their design will look even before placing an order. The design process is intuitive and proceeds in several simple steps:

  1. Choose the gate filling: Posts or panels.
  2. Specify dimensions: Enter the height and width of the gate.
  3. Adjust section length: Specify the exact length of each gate section.
  4. Define the filling appearance: Choose thickness/width, spacing (if applicable), material of the elements, and RAL color.
  5. Choose the type of cover: Specify type, load capacity, material, and RAL color.
  6. Design the fence around the gate: Choose one of three options – wall, static posts, or none – and additional elements such as a photocell.
  7. Download the specification or send a request for a quote: The finished design can be downloaded or sent to us for an individual quote.

Benefits of using the 3D Configurator

The new Fancy Fence 3D Configurator offers several benefits:

  • Individual sizes and colors: Customize your gates and fences to match your style and needs.
  • Modular connection capability: Design complex solutions for your home.
  • Instant 3D visualization: See the final result immediately on the screen.
  • Non-binding offer: After completing the design, you will quickly receive a quote based on your choices.

Why use the 3D Configurator?

The 3D Configurator is not only a technological novelty but also a practical tool that significantly simplifies the purchase process. It allows you to fully customize the product to your needs, save time, and avoid potential errors. The 3D visualisation allows for a precise view of every detail, resulting in greater satisfaction with the chosen option.

Application of 3D Configurators in various industries

3D configurators are gaining popularity in many industries, from automotive to furniture. They allow for the creation of personalized products that better meet individual customer needs. At Fancy Fence, we believe that this technology is revolutionizing the market by offering customers a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.


Introducing the 3D gate and fence configurator into Fancy Fence’s offering is a step into the future, allowing our customers to fully personalize their orders. We invite you to use this innovative tool and design your own gate or fence today. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and assist you in the design process via phone or email.

See for yourself how easy and enjoyable it is to design your dream gate with Fancy Fence!