New implementation in Minsk, Belarus – Electric retractable gates

We proudly present our latest implementation – the ‘Console’ project carried out in collaboration with our new partner – Individual Entrepreneur Illarion Petrov. This innovative system of gates and fences lowered into the ground is located in the prestigious north-western part of Minsk, in the vicinity of the President of the Republic of Belarus’s residence ‘Drozdy’.

The central element of the Fancy Fence system is a steel gate section that can be lowered into the ground, becoming invisible when the situation requires it. Placed in a concrete basin, the gate ensures stability and durability, while offering exceptional aesthetics and minimalism. This system, equipped with massive counterweights to balance the weight of the gate section, allows for the use of economical electric drives, ensuring reliability as well as ease of use and maintenance.

The project of a electric retractable gates into the ground in Minsk fits perfectly into the demanding conditions of modern residential construction

The ‘Console’ project in Minsk, which utilizes the Fancy Fence system, perfectly fits into the demanding conditions of modern residential construction. Its modular design allows for the creation of fences of various lengths, and its thoughtful design ensures that the system blends seamlessly with the modern architecture of homes in this prestigious area.

In the case of the ‘Console’ project, an integral element is a 1.8 m high gate section that can be hidden in the ground. The total length is 3.96 m. The gate filling consists of 29 steel posts powder-coated. The investor additionally installed lighting inside the concrete pocket.

Electric retractable gates

This is the first gate of its kind in the Russian-speaking countries, serving as an excellent example of combining innovation and aesthetics in the fencing and gate sector. The installation, carried out by an experienced installer, took only 7 days! The investor of the ‘Console’ project, seeking an alternative to standard sliding or swing gates, chose the Fancy Fence system, which not only enhances the attractiveness and value of the property but also emphasizes style and modernity.

More photos of this project can be found in the REALISATIONS.

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