The latest realisation of the Fancy Fence fencing system

Kolduby – Implementation: WWD

In Kolbudy, we used our innovative fencing system, consisting of a fixed part and a unique movable part, hidden in the ground. Thanks to this solution, installation was possible in places where traditional gates would be problematic, such as steep driveways or narrow plots. Additionally, the pedestrian gates, which are an integral part of the system, were equipped with a modern remote opening and closing system, significantly enhancing user comfort.

Warsaw – Implementation: Konstruktora Sp. z o.o.

In Warsaw, in collaboration with the company Konstruktora Sp. z o.o., we carried out another project based on the FANCY FENCE system. As in Kolbudy, the fence consisted of a fixed part and a movable part, concealed in the ground. The flexibility of the configuration allowed the system to be adapted to the specific needs of the plot, and the pedestrian gates were designed to harmoniously blend with the rest of the fence.

Both implementations highlight how the FANCY FENCE system can meet the diverse requirements of single-family and multi-family homeowners, while simultaneously offering a high standard and user comfort. We invite you to explore our full offer and to contact us to discuss your individual needs.