Safety first. Securing underground gates and fences

Securing underground gates

On the significance of safety in our lives or securing underground gates

Threats such as crime and terrorism are becoming increasingly real, and the importance of safety in both public and private spaces is growing. Urbanisation and dynamic changes in society mean that safety is no longer just a challenge, but a priority.

Urban planning and technology – allies in the fight for safety

Urban design has a huge impact on our sense of safety. Adequate lighting, a clear spatial layout, and easy access for emergency services are the foundations that create safe public spaces. Additionally, modern technologies such as CCTV cameras, facial recognition systems, and intelligent lighting are increasingly being used to enhance our sense of security.

How to secure our homes? Fence security systems

Safety in private spaces begins right at the doorstep. From fences with motion detectors, gates with access control systems, to anti-burglary protections on windows and doors, and advanced alarm and monitoring systems – each element plays a key role in protecting our homes. Learn about the system:

Education and social awareness in the service of safety

However, the role of education and raising social awareness cannot be forgotten. Educational programs that teach how to recognize threats and how to react in crisis situations are invaluable in building a safe space. Collaboration between local communities, authorities, and security services, such as the “Neighborhood Watch” programs, also significantly contribute to improving safety.

Innovations in safety – the case of fancy fence HVM

An example of innovation in the field of safety is the new Fancy Fence HVM gate, created by a Polish manufacturer from Lublin. This reinforced version of the sliding gate (anti-terrorist gate) is designed to prevent vehicle attacks, combining effectiveness with a discreet appearance. Confirmed by crash tests in Germany, the HVM gate demonstrates that safety can go hand in hand with aesthetics and functionality. Read more at

In summary, today’s challenges in safety require an integrated approach that combines technology, education, social cooperation, and appropriate urban design. Innovations like the Fancy Fence HVM gate are crucial for creating safe and stable environments in both public and private spaces. Joint actions across all these dimensions are key to creating a world where we can feel safe

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