Integration of Various Drive Systems in Gates: Flexibility of Drive Choice in Fancy Fence Products and Their Importance for Individual Projects – Automatic retractable gates

Automatic retractable gates

Modern architecture and design demand flexibility and adaptation to the individual needs of the client. In the context of gates, the choice of the appropriate drive system is crucial. Therefore, it’s worth examining how Fancy Fence allows for the integration of various drive systems in its gates, providing solutions tailored to each project.

Why is the choice of drive important?

The gate’s drive system not only governs its movement but also influences its functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Choosing the right drive can affect the gate’s performance, its lifespan, and the overall user experience.

Flexibility of choice with Automatic Retractable Gates – Fancy Fence

Fancy Fence understands that every project is unique. That’s why the company offers the possibility of integrating various drive systems, from Tousek Pull T15 to other popular brands such as Came, Faac, or Nice. Such flexibility allows architects and designers to tailor the gate to the specific requirements of each project.

How do different drives impact the functionality of the gate?

Not all drive systems are the same. Some might be more suitable for heavier gates, while others might be better for gates with higher usage frequency. Fancy Fence, with its experience and expertise, assists clients in choosing the drive that best meets their needs.


The integration of various drive systems in gates is key to creating personalized solutions for each project. Thanks to the flexibility offered by Fancy Fence, architects and designers can be confident that their designs will not only be aesthetic but also functional and durable.

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