Materials and durability of HVM gates

HVM gate, HVM fence

What materials increase the durability of HVM gates. Anti-terrorist gates

Urban space security is a topic that has become extremely important in today’s times. In response to increasing threats, innovative solutions have emerged, one of which is the HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) gate. One of the key factors determining its invincibility is the materials from which it is made.

HVM access control system gates or public space protection

HVM gates are designed to prevent terrorist attacks using vehicles. Their goal is to stop hostile vehicles while ensuring the safety and aesthetics of urban spaces. Check out different applications at

Materials as a key element of durability

One of the most important elements that affects the durability of the HVM gate is the materials from which it is made. The manufacturer of the HVM fance realises that it is the materials that determine its reliability. The secret of the durability of the HVM gate lies in its hidden structure. The interior of the gate profiles has been reinforced with various materials, including steel and concrete. This makes the gate ready to collide with the enemy.

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Taut frame. Retractable entrance gates

Another key element of the durability of the HVM gate is its taut frame. Similar to the strings in a tennis racket, the frame is prepared to absorb the energy of the collision and repel the vehicle.

To ensure that the HVM vertical fence can stop a hostile vehicle, numerous simulations and tests have been conducted. The results of past tests confirm its reliability.

Materials determining safety. Securing underground fences

Materials such as steel and concrete give the HVM vertical gate exceptional resistance to impact. They constitute the first line of defense against hostile vehicles. They are a key factor in determining its durability and invincibility. For architects, urban planners, and city authorities who care about the safety of urban spaces, the HVM gate is an inspiration for creating protection that does not violate the aesthetics of the city. Thanks to these materials, our cities are becoming more resistant to contemporary threats while maintaining their unique character.