Metal retractable gates

Retractable gates

What are the available options?

Fences and gates are an important element of any property, affecting both its functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to growing technological progress and increasing customer expectations, the market for metal fences today offers a wide selection of modern solutions that meet diverse needs. In this article, we will look at the available options, and also learn more about the innovative solutions proposed by Fancy Fence.

Traditional metal fences

Traditional metal fences, made of steel or iron elements, are a solid and durable choice. They are available in various patterns and styles, allowing for the fence to be matched to the character of the property. These fences can be painted any color, offering great freedom in design. However, traditional metal fences may require regular maintenance, such as painting or rust protection. Check out

Modern sliding gates. Underground fences for properties

Sliding gates are an innovative solution that allows for effective use of space. Thanks to a built-in drive, these gates lower into the ground, becoming invisible when not in use. They are not only functional but also aesthetic, perfectly matching modern architecture. Sliding gates are available in various widths and can be combined, creating fences of any length.

Anti-terrorist gates

In the face of increasing threats of terrorist attacks, anti-terrorism fences are becoming increasingly popular. They offer protection against hostile vehicles and ensure safety in public places, such as metro stations or squares. Anti-terrorism fences, including gates, are designed to withstand the impact of a truck or another vehicle. This solution combines functionality with protection.

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Fancy Fence System. Metal retractable gates

Fancy Fence offers innovative solutions in the field of metal fencing. Their FANCY FENCE system of retractable gates and fences combines modernity, functionality, and reliability. The main element of the system is a gate that retracts into the ground, becoming invisible when not in use. This allows for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the space.

Retractable gates


The choice of the right metal fence depends on many factors, such as architectural style, functionality, and the level of protection required. Traditional metal fences are suitable for many applications, while modern sliding gates and anti-terrorism fences are excellent solutions for places requiring a higher level of security. Meanwhile, the innovative solutions proposed by Fancy Fence combine functionality, aesthetics, and reliability, making them an excellent choice for those looking for something special.

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If you are interested in modern metal fences, it is worth considering the various options available on the market and choosing a solution that best meets your needs. Regardless of your choice, a metal fence can become not only a protective element but also an ornament of your property.

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