Fancy System
Fancy System


Functional underground fences

One system, multiple applications

The state-of-the-art FANCY FENCE system retractable fences and gates find applications in both residential buildings and public spaces. We provide you with a solution that stands out with its aesthetics, is invisible when you don’t need it, and at the same time provides security.

Widespread use of FANCY FENCE

  • Privacy fences
    Gates are ideal as private fences, providing security and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Commercial fences
    This system can be used in a variety of commercial properties such as hotels, shopping centres, amusement parks, etc., providing a functional and elegant fence.
  • Residential properties
    FANCY FENCE gates are also ideal for single-family homes and residential estates, adding style and security to the property.
  • Public institutions
    They can be used in areas such as parks, schools, hospitals, places of worship and other public institutions to provide security and segregated areas.
  • Industrial areas
    The system can be used in industrial areas to provide security and access control.
  • Recreational areas
    The gates are also suitable for use in recreational areas such as swimming pools, tennis courts, football pitches, etc., providing access control and security.


Innovative anti-terrorist gate

Our innovative anti-terrorism gate has successfully passed collision tests at the renowned CTS laboratory in Germany. As the only company in the world, we offer access control with protection against terrorist attacks, perfect for public spaces, embassies, schools, or military units.

We hold ASTM and IWA certificates, confirming the highest safety standards. We invite you to watch the video materials from the tests.


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