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Applications / SAFE ZONES


Nowadays, issues related to ensuring the safety of participants in public gatherings are of particular importance. The dedicated FANCY FENCE retractable gate and fence system allows you to periodically fence off places where public gatherings take place without labour-intensive preparation. Specially designed reinforced steel pickets provide effective protection not only from vehicles, but also allow organizers of gatherings to control access, without interfering with the surrounding architecture.

Key advantages:

  • Any length and shape of the fence
  • Reinforced steel sections that stop vehicles
  • Possibility of having an evacuation entrance and/or passage
  • Manual operation of the barrier
  • Anti-panic system

The state-of-the-art FANCY FENCE system retractable gates and fences in the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) version are the only gates in the world that combine access control with protection against terrorist attacks. This is why they are ideal for public spaces, embassies, schools or military facilities. Our HVM gates have passed rigorous tests in accordance with ASTM and IWA standards, and we have certificates to prove conformity.


  1. Removable covers
  2. Inspection hatch
  3. Counterweights
  4. Drive
  5. Drainage pump
  6. Reinforced gate leaf
  7. Concrete vault
Functional underground fences


In an environment where a vehicle may be used for terrorist operations, a special type of design tailored to mitigate this risk is required. Specially designed pickets with reinforced cross-sections are used for secure zones to stop hostile vehicles.

The dimensions and parameters of the materials that can be used should be agreed with your distributor to ensure adequate strength and protection.

Secured gates


We offer a variety of cover options that can be customized to suit individual preferences. Our options include

  1. Standard steel covers with or without a non-slip coating
    These covers provide a solid and safe surface for walking, riding or driving over. The non-slip coating increases traction, minimizing the risk of slipping.
  2. Covers fit for any infill
    If you are looking for a specialized solution that perfectly fits your needs, we offer covers that can be customized in terms of dimensions and type of infill. This way you can be sure that the cover will be a pristine match for your specific application.
  3. Stainless steel covers
    If you value high quality, durability and corrosion resistance, we offer covers made of stainless steel. This high-grade steel provides long-lasting protection against corrosion and other damage, which is especially important for applications in wet or harsh environments.

Detailed information on available sizes, designs, types of covers, as well as hole closures, is presented on the distributor’s website.


For safe zones, it is recommended to use covers with hole closures in the form of overhanging caps on pickets.

Detailed information on available sizes, designs, types of covers, as well as hole closures, is presented on the distributor’s website.