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Fancy System

Modern gates and fences that retract into the ground

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Inventor and manufacturer of modern gates that retract into the ground

Our company invented and developed modern gates, and fences that retract into the ground, and have been selling them all over the world. Since 2013, we have specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative fences and retractable gates, which are widely used in both the private sector and public spaces.


Privacy, security, aesthetics

Our goal is for customers to have a sense of privacy and security while remaining open to the world around them. The patented FANCY FENCE system of gates and fences that disappear into the ground combines simplicity and elegance with unique functionality. Keeping the system simple is the guarantee for trouble-free operation and timeless design.

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Innovative gates and fences that retract into the ground

The FANCY FENCE system of retractable gates and fences combines contemporary design, functionality and reliability. The main component is a gate leaf that is retracted into the ground, using a built-in drive. The leaf becomes invisible when open. The gate is placed in a concrete vault ensuring stability and durability of the system. It is modular in design – the individual gate leaves can be combined to create barriers of different lengths.

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Design your own custom-made, retractable underground gate online using the FANCY FENCE 3D configurator. It's very simple. See for yourself.

The 3D gate configurator offers the following benefits:

  • individual sizes and colors
  • ability to combine multiple modules
  • immediate 3D visualization
  • receive a non-binding offer

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Proven solutions, repackaged

The gate leaf along with the drive mechanism are located in a sealed concrete vault located in the ground. It is connected by a system of wire ropes and sheaves with a system of counterweights, the mass of which is equal the mass of the leaf. This design allows for the use of conventional and widely available low-power electric drives, which guarantees the reliability, ease of operation and maintenance of the entire drive system.


Many possible applications of gates retracted into the ground

The modern design of retractable gates and fences harmoniously integrates with almost any architecture. As a result, the FANCY FENCE system may be widely used both in residential buildings and in public spaces - from subway or train station entrances to squares, stadiums and plazas. Our fences not only provide security, but also adapt to their surroundings, allowing the space to be easily opened and closed as needed. An additional advantage of FANCY FENCE gates in their Hostile Vehicle Mitigation configuration is that they provide protection against terrorist attacks.

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