Modern solution for your garden

Panel fences

Panel fences. Retractable gates into the ground

When it comes to modern fencing, it’s worth noting the innovative approach of Fancy Fence, a company that created the Banana Gate version – a vertically sliding gate developed for a customer in Australia. This shows how flexibility and creativity can transform traditional fences into something unique. Also in your garden.

A globally unique project. Functional underground fences

Faced with the challenge of designing a gate that would follow the curve of a blind alley, Fancy Fence introduced something entirely new to the market. The company’s CEO, Jacek Kühnl-Kinel, emphasizes that this project required detailed calculations and drawings to give the underground structure and foundations the desired curvature.

Advanced technical challenges. Retractable fence barriers

Creating such a unique project required not only innovation but also precision in every detail. The Fancy Fence Australia team had to bend the elements precisely to achieve the desired effect. The end result – the Banana Gate fence – shows that the limitations of traditional fences can be overcome.

Combining functionality and aesthetics. Automatic gates

Fancy Fence gates stand out in that they are part of a permanent fence but retract underground when opened. This solution offers two main advantages: space-saving and quick opening. It’s the perfect solution for those who value both aesthetics and functionality.

Adaptable to any curvature. Access control system gates

The Australian solution demonstrates that a gate can be adapted to almost any curve, providing countless design possibilities. All components, including the concrete box, are customized to individual requirements, allowing for the creation of unique and personalized solutions.

The Banana Gate project, like the basic version of in-ground gates, comes with standard-sized fillings, but each gate is made to order and fully customized on-site. This allows for flexibility and adaptation to various customer needs. See projects at

Fancy Fence panel fences, with their revolutionary approach to design and functionality, are the perfect solution for those seeking modern and unique solutions for their gardens. With the Banana Gate version, the company demonstrates that the limitations of traditional fences can be surpassed, offering customers customised and striking solutions.

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