Preventing terrorist attacks. HVM gate – vertical fence

HVM gate

Why we need HVM gates as solutions in Europe

Challenges in Europe

Europe, like many other places in the world, is facing challenges related to preventing terrorist attacks. Faced with a growing threat, there is a need to develop effective solutions aimed at protecting public spaces. One of the key aspects of this protection is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions.

HVM Gate – a new dimension of security. Access control system gates

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is an approach that has become a crucial element in preventing terrorist attacks using vehicles. In the wake of tragic events in Berlin and Nice, Europe began to realise the necessity for more effective solutions. Video.

Polish HVM fence manufacturer

One of the manufacturers of HVM solutions is a Polish company specializing in sliding gates, which introduced an innovative Fancy Fence HVM gate to the market. This solution combines security effectiveness with minimalist design.

Minimalism in the service of security

One of the key aspects of HVM solutions is the ability to maintain a minimalist design that does not cause alarm among residents. HVM vertical gate, such as Fancy Fence, blend into the public space while providing the necessary protection.

Testing and reinforcement of construction

HVM solutions, like Fancy Fence HVM, are the result of hard work by engineers who developed the gate’s internal structure to provide both stopping and deflecting hostile vehicles. Crash tests conducted in Germany have confirmed the effectiveness of this solution.

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Security of european public places

HVM solutions, such as Fancy Fence HVM, have become an indispensable part of protecting public spaces in Europe. Their ability to prevent attacks using vehicles, combined with aesthetics, is a step forward in ensuring security in an increasingly unpredictable world. Therefore, we need such solutions to protect our cities and centers from potential terrorist threats.

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