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Fancy Fence Introduces 3D Gate and Fence Configurator

We are pleased to announce that Fancy Fence has added an innovative 3D configurator for retractable gates and fences to its offering. This modern tool allows our customers to design their dream gates and fences with unprecedented precision and ease.

How does the Fancy Fence 3D Configurator work?

The Fancy Fence 3D Configurator is an interactive tool that allows for real-time customization of gates and fences. Customers can see how their design will look even before placing an order. The design process is intuitive and proceeds in several simple steps:

  1. Choose the gate filling: Posts or panels.
  2. Specify dimensions: Enter the height and width of the gate.
  3. Adjust section length: Specify the exact length of each gate section.
  4. Define the filling appearance: Choose thickness/width, spacing (if applicable), material of the elements, and RAL color.
  5. Choose the type of cover: Specify type, load capacity, material, and RAL color.
  6. Design the fence around the gate: Choose one of three options – wall, static posts, or none – and additional elements such as a photocell.
  7. Download the specification or send a request for a quote: The finished design can be downloaded or sent to us for an individual quote.

Benefits of using the 3D Configurator

The new Fancy Fence 3D Configurator offers several benefits:

  • Individual sizes and colors: Customize your gates and fences to match your style and needs.
  • Modular connection capability: Design complex solutions for your home.
  • Instant 3D visualization: See the final result immediately on the screen.
  • Non-binding offer: After completing the design, you will quickly receive a quote based on your choices.

Why use the 3D Configurator?

The 3D Configurator is not only a technological novelty but also a practical tool that significantly simplifies the purchase process. It allows you to fully customize the product to your needs, save time, and avoid potential errors. The 3D visualisation allows for a precise view of every detail, resulting in greater satisfaction with the chosen option.

Application of 3D Configurators in various industries

3D configurators are gaining popularity in many industries, from automotive to furniture. They allow for the creation of personalized products that better meet individual customer needs. At Fancy Fence, we believe that this technology is revolutionizing the market by offering customers a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.


Introducing the 3D gate and fence configurator into Fancy Fence’s offering is a step into the future, allowing our customers to fully personalize their orders. We invite you to use this innovative tool and design your own gate or fence today. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and assist you in the design process via phone or email.

See for yourself how easy and enjoyable it is to design your dream gate with Fancy Fence!

Pioneering Fencing Project for Vitry Centre Metro Station in Paris

We are proud to announce the completion of an innovative project for the Vitry Centre metro station in Paris, setting new standards in the fields of public space safety and aesthetics. As pioneers in the retractable fencing industry, our company has introduced a unique solution that perfectly fits the specific architectural requirements of the location, while offering unparalleled protection against unauthorized access.

Unique Shape of the Main Entrance and the World’s Only Ground Retractable Gate Solution

The project for the Vitry Centre metro station posed a unique challenge due to the distinctive shape of the main entrance, which required a custom approach. Thanks to the advanced technology of ground retractable fences offered by Fancy Fence, a system was created that not only secures the main entrance to the metro station but also harmoniously blends with the surroundings, maintaining its aesthetic character.

Advanced Security Systems

The system developed by Fancy Fence consists of 5 independent sections of ground retractable fences, which can be controlled both individually and collectively. This modular design not only provides flexibility in access control but also allows for adaptation to varying ground heights, which was crucial for the Vitry Centre metro station project. Moreover, the system offers the option of opening only the central section, which is particularly useful in cases requiring increased access control.

Advanced Security Systems

The application of cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced 3D laser security systems and additional protections to prevent small objects from falling into the mechanism, elevates the functionality of the fencing to an unprecedented level. The use of highest quality materials, including 316 stainless steel, ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to weather conditions.

In the event of a power failure, the Fancy Fence fencing system can be powered by an emergency energy source, ensuring uninterrupted protection. In the last resort, despite its mass (over 1000 kg), the gate can be manually operated by an authorized operator, adding an extra layer of security.

Fancy Fence Technology Applied to the Protection of Public Spaces

The ground retractable fencing project for the Vitry Centre metro station in Paris demonstrates how Fancy Fence technology can be applied to protect public spaces while enhancing their aesthetic values. This unique combination of functionality, security, and aesthetics opens new possibilities for designers and architects worldwide, providing them with tools to create safe yet beautiful urban spaces.

Fancy Fence continues its mission of innovation and excellence in designing fencing systems that meet and exceed global safety and aesthetic standards. We invite you to contact our team to learn more about our solutions and how they can contribute to your projects.

New types of gates for the FANCY FENCE system

Bramy antyterrorystyczne

Development of innovative gates in an anti-terrorist design

Fancy Fence successfully completed a R&D project aimed at developing innovative anti-terrorism gates that protect public spaces from vehicle-based attacks. These gates meet the rigorous requirements of ASTM and ISO standards. The project also included crash tests conducted at the German research center CTS, highlighting the technical advancement and safety of the solutions offered. More information can be found here.

New implementation in Minsk, Belarus – Electric retractable gates

We proudly present our latest implementation – the ‘Console’ project carried out in collaboration with our new partner – Individual Entrepreneur Illarion Petrov. This innovative system of gates and fences lowered into the ground is located in the prestigious north-western part of Minsk, in the vicinity of the President of the Republic of Belarus’s residence ‘Drozdy’.

The central element of the Fancy Fence system is a steel gate section that can be lowered into the ground, becoming invisible when the situation requires it. Placed in a concrete basin, the gate ensures stability and durability, while offering exceptional aesthetics and minimalism. This system, equipped with massive counterweights to balance the weight of the gate section, allows for the use of economical electric drives, ensuring reliability as well as ease of use and maintenance.

The project of a electric retractable gates into the ground in Minsk fits perfectly into the demanding conditions of modern residential construction

The ‘Console’ project in Minsk, which utilizes the Fancy Fence system, perfectly fits into the demanding conditions of modern residential construction. Its modular design allows for the creation of fences of various lengths, and its thoughtful design ensures that the system blends seamlessly with the modern architecture of homes in this prestigious area.

In the case of the ‘Console’ project, an integral element is a 1.8 m high gate section that can be hidden in the ground. The total length is 3.96 m. The gate filling consists of 29 steel posts powder-coated. The investor additionally installed lighting inside the concrete pocket.

Electric retractable gates

This is the first gate of its kind in the Russian-speaking countries, serving as an excellent example of combining innovation and aesthetics in the fencing and gate sector. The installation, carried out by an experienced installer, took only 7 days! The investor of the ‘Console’ project, seeking an alternative to standard sliding or swing gates, chose the Fancy Fence system, which not only enhances the attractiveness and value of the property but also emphasizes style and modernity.

More photos of this project can be found in the REALISATIONS.

#Electric retractable gates

The Big 5 Global Fair in Dubai

We are sharing our impressions after four days full of inspiration and innovation at the Big 5 Global exhibition, which took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It was an unforgettable experience, filled with interesting meetings and new opportunities.

Fancy Fence presents innovative solutions in the field of retractable gates into the ground

The Fancy Fence booth attracted the attention of many visitors, and the innovative solutions in the field of retractable gates and fences were enthusiastically received by both industry experts and trade fair guests. It was an excellent time for us to present our products and establish valuable business contacts. We are proud to have participated in this prestigious event and are confident that our presence at the Big 5 Global will contribute to the further development of our company and the promotion of our innovative solutions on the global market. We thank everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in our products.

Full report on our social media channels – link

The latest realisation of the Fancy Fence fencing system

Kolduby – Implementation: WWD

In Kolbudy, we used our innovative fencing system, consisting of a fixed part and a unique movable part, hidden in the ground. Thanks to this solution, installation was possible in places where traditional gates would be problematic, such as steep driveways or narrow plots. Additionally, the pedestrian gates, which are an integral part of the system, were equipped with a modern remote opening and closing system, significantly enhancing user comfort.

Warsaw – Implementation: Konstruktora Sp. z o.o.

In Warsaw, in collaboration with the company Konstruktora Sp. z o.o., we carried out another project based on the FANCY FENCE system. As in Kolbudy, the fence consisted of a fixed part and a movable part, concealed in the ground. The flexibility of the configuration allowed the system to be adapted to the specific needs of the plot, and the pedestrian gates were designed to harmoniously blend with the rest of the fence.

Both implementations highlight how the FANCY FENCE system can meet the diverse requirements of single-family and multi-family homeowners, while simultaneously offering a high standard and user comfort. We invite you to explore our full offer and to contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Successful tests of anti-terrorist gates

In an era where urban safety becomes a priority, innovations in security gates are key to protecting public spaces. The Polish company Fancy Fence, known for producing high-quality retractable gates, has achieved another milestone in safety.

In April of this year, the newly designed HVM gate by Fancy Fence underwent a rigorous crash test at the renowned CTS testing center in Münster, Germany. The test involved a 7.5-ton truck colliding with the gate at a speed of 50 km/h. The results were impressive: the gate not only stopped the vehicle but also exceeded expectations, achieving a penetration value of -2.8 m, meaning the vehicle was repelled backward.

Jacek Kühnl-Kinel, the creator and owner of Fancy Fence, commented, “Crash tests are a crucial element in the design process of new gates. We wanted to be sure that our HVM gate not only meets but also surpasses international safety standards. The test results at CTS confirmed our expectations and give us confidence that we are heading in the right direction.”

The HVM gate, named after the acronym “Hostile Vehicle Mitigation,” was designed with the aim of providing maximum safety in public places. Its unique construction allows for effective vehicle stopping while maintaining an aesthetic and discreet appearance.

This success in Münster is another step in Fancy Fence’s mission to deliver innovative and safe solutions for cities and public places worldwide.

Key Cluster Sustainable Infrastructure

We are very pleased to announce that we are a member of the Key Cluster Sustainable Infrastructure (, which develops and provides solutions useful in areas related to the construction, IT and industrial automation industries.

Key Cluster Sustainable Infrastructure

NCBR Innovation Horizons Conference

On 26 November 2021, the heart of innovation was beating in Warsaw! This is how we can sum up the NCBR Innovation Horizons conference, in which we had the pleasure of participating with our FANCY FENCE system.

First of all, we would like to thank the conference participants with whom we were able to talk and exchange experiences! Together, we diagnosed the most important challenges, opportunities and threats related to the creation of new technologies, as well as opportunities and barriers to development. Natalia Hatalska during her lecture “Will technology save us?” made us reflect on the contemporary world and the development of technology. Together with other NCRD beneficiaries, we discussed what determines that a discovery is an innovation and whether there is an Innovator’s DNA.

Thank you for all the inspiring speeches and discussions on innovation.

Grants from the European Union

We’ve got it! Thanks to grants from the European Union, we can continue to grow and expand our portfolio.

Project title: Development of new types of innovative Fancy Fence system gates.

The aim of the project is to develop new products for the FANCY FENCE system:

(a) full-span gates,

b) gates with widths of more than 5 m and

c) anti-terrorist gates lowered into the ground, which will respond to market demand, confirmed during the last 3 years of the activity.

The project will result in new products, optimisation of production and assembly methods, allowing for significant cost reductions.

More information